Purpose & Philosophy


The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for the discussion of political and social beliefs, events and trends, particularly as considered from a conservative perspective.


We come here to learn from each other, to test our ideas and to enjoy ourselves in the process.  Recognizing that our political beliefs proceed from our core values and that differences in opinions can sometimes be heated, we strive to exchange those opinions with good manners and, when necessary, to disagree without being disagreeable.


Those who choose to participate in the spirit of the purpose and philosophy of this forum are welcome.  

Those who choose otherwise are invited to spend their time in any of a myriad of other forums available on the internet.  Neither this forum nor its members are here for your entertainment, so please don't try to see how high anybody will jump.  Note the subtitle on the Home page:  A Conservative Forum -- and give serious thought to whether you belong here.  The Forum Host is here for learning and fun.  Please don't interfere with either of those, lest your tenure here be very, very short.