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Photo Upload Instructions

This is a work in progress, so please post feedback in the forum so I can make it better.

This is not pretty, but it works:

1. Locate your image. You can save it on the Desktop or somewhere else.
Any size adjustments must be made before the upload. If you do have image
size problems, re-size your original, and upload it again, using the same name.
This will overwrite the previous upload.

2. Open File Explorer (in Windows, don't know about Mac):
In the address bar now labeled "Quick Access" type the following:


Username is: rmpix
Password is: Rmpix@001

That should bring you to the rmpix folder on my site.

3. Now you have two choices:

a. Drag the file from your desktop into the File Exporer window, or

b. Open another instance of File Explorer.
Find the image file you want to upload
Drag it over to the folder in the first File Explorer instance.

That's it.

Now, use this link in your browser to see the contents of the rmpix folder and use the specific link in your post.


Save that link in your Favorites or Bookmarks for future use. You can download from that folder with just your browser.

I decided to use another site because I don't want any access to the RightMinds site.

Links to your uploads are not limited to this site, but prudent and thoughtful use will be appreciated.

There are a lot of previously uploaded pictures at this link:


You can look at them, use them and even download them, but you cannot upload to that site -- not for now anyhow.

Comments are invited.


p.s.: Naked lady pictures should be Latina or Asian


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