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The basic strategery is to do as many heinous, inflammatory, offensive, provocative, wicked, evil things as they can in order to foment a violent response...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/22/2021, 04:00:00

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...then to use that as an excuse to institute Draconian, police-state measures. Also the response-violence is used as political ammunition to sway voters toward anti-conservative fanaticism/Marxism. 

Those Draconian measures then are claimed to be "temporary" but always continue long after the supposed "crisis" had passed. 

If this sounds familiar it was the template used by more than a few Communist tyrannies in the early-mid 20th century. 

Stalin bragged to his aids how he had provoked mobs to riot by starving/taxing them harshly, then using the riot as an excuse to round them all up and ship them to the gulags to be worked to death, die from disease, exposure, starvation, scientific experiments/torture/murder by guards or suicide.

That is how radical revolutionary socialist Statists think. It's in their DNA. Like the creature from the The Thing (1987)

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