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Recall Newsom effort in California is a dangerous move.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/21/2021, 01:16:29

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Similar to discussions below about replacing John "Robot" Roberts does zero good to replace Newsom as California governor if he is replaced by someone worse.

That is the likely scenario, since the California landscape is full of Reconquistas who want to take California to the next level of Marxism- and who better to do that than a Latino Communist in the tradition of Maduro and his Trotskyite/Bolivarian ilk.

Turning California into a place more like Venezuela, SOuth Africa, Zimbawe or some other quasi-Marxist dictatorship disguised as a free-representative republic, is what they have in mind. They want 100% taxation at the point of a gun and will elect anyone governor who promises to deliver that - redistribution of wealth - THEFT by any other name, is the 'Crat/Marxist recurring wet dream.

And they are so close to getting it now in Mexifornia, they can all smell and taste it...

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