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If you believe the 'Crats will not do absolutely EVERYTHING in their power to foment a violent Civil War, you are not following the scoreboard.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/21/2021, 00:26:29

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They think they have won. They believe they have conquered the United States for Communism without firing a shot.

They believe they have given birth to a Ten-Thousand Year Dynasty of Leftist Imperators.

What the leftists don't know is that the Globalists will use them and discard them in order to create and sustain the New Empire.

The Globalists seem to have won (at least for now). There is no longer any significant force to stand against the Empire. The U.S. Constitution was the last impediment, and it is already mostly castrated, diluted or cancelled by slacktivist courts.

The movie Seven Samurai is about this very thing - the real winners of many overt, open conflicts are not either of the primary antagonists, but those who remain after the conflict has faded into history.

See, in that movie, the winners were not the Severn Samurai, even though they defeated (40) heavily-armed bandits in battle, it was the farmers (few of whom died in the battles) who HIRED the Ronin.

The leftists were the ones who defeated the Constitutionalists and the conservatives, but the Empire will not allow them to realize their long-term goal of a Communist Utopian Worker's Paradise.

They merely allowed the Marxists to remove the central obstacle to the creation of the Empire - a strong Super-Power which refuses to bow down to the Ruling Class.

There is not one of the executive branch exempt from removal if they fail to toe-the-line with the Imperial Oligarchy. Not Joseph "Stalin" Bidensky, nor "Lucretia Borgia" Harris. All will either serve their Masters or be removed by any and all means necessary.

See, they were not chosen in spite of their weaknesses, they were chosen BECAUSE of them.

CUE: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen: It is not the weak man that is to be feared. Weak men can be controlled. It is the man who cannot be controlled which cannot be tolerated.

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