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Dear US Soldier & DC Area Law Enforcement
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Posted by: Logit

01/16/2021, 15:57:07

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Dear US Soldier & DC Area Law Enforcement

Have you yet asked yourself why those in power have gathered 25,000 of you to Washington DC for the upcoming Inauguration ? You really need to do that now ... before you are ordered to do the unthinkable.

You have taken an oath to protect the Constitution from all
enemies foreign and domestic. But that oath does not include using force ... or even deadly force ... against your fellow countrymen.

Our government is now comprised of thieves, criminals, tyrants, seditionists, Socialists & Communists whose singular goal is the destruction of our government and the collapse of the United States. And these individuals are using you to obtain their goal.

When you fellow countrymen stand face-to-face with you on
Inauguration day don't let your actions turn it into another
Boston Massacre ... regardless of the orders you are given.

Let Freedom Ring !

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