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If the 'Crats succeed in stealing the election the United Socialist States of America (USSA) will be born.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/15/2021, 18:16:04

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One-party rule. There will never be another fair national election again. The only way things will reset with the 'Crats and Globalists out of power will be if an asteroid or solar flare hits the Earth. Then we will all have even bigger problems.

Since the Globalists and the 'Crat oligarchs certainly have access to super-computers with the most sophisticated software, they will foresee every major scenario long before it arises, and will have contingencies for it.

The meritocracy which runs most of the world's first tier economies will be dismantled, replaced with socialist correctness - people with the highest-paying jobs and the most authority will be only those who have pledged allegiance to the State.

Any person, company, organization or political party which opposes the New World Order will be exterminated.

See, I think the globalists and other anti-conservative fanatics have figured out that they no longer need fear the People. Once that realization set in, they also realized that absolute power was theirs - no reason any longer to pretend to obey the Constitution - just appoint judges and justices who refuse to enforce Constitutional law which conflicts with the Plan.

As part of that, China et al, are probably already preparing the next wave of biological weapons to unleash on the world. That would guarantee ZERO opposition to the Global Order - wearing the mantle of saviors, they will be in reality Overlords.

The base state of governance on this planet has always been militant, plutocratic Statist oligarchy. The Great Experiment in Constitutional Republican Free-Representation will end. We will revert to type - fascist oppressive Statism but THIS time, it will have the resource of high-technology (including super-human thinking machines) and a willing, obedient global network of loyal savants supporting the New Empire.

I am sort of glad that my mother did not live to see this. It would very possibly have broken her heart.

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