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Posted by: Vincent «

01/14/2021, 20:41:45

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I'm Hearing the military will be in charge of theácountry, military tribunals, arrest will be made at state and local levels. The military knows Biden will turn everything over to the Chinese Communist Party. They also know about the MSM and Big Tech Bias and control. Looks like the future of this country is in the militarys hands. The raid on the Capital was preplaned Nancy's laptop provided valuble information. Everyone stay quite, away from democratic staged events like the Capital raid. China, Germany, Italy, Iran, Russia, Venezuala, etc. were all involved in stealing this election. if Biden is Sworn in China will take over, the military is not going to allow that. The congress women from Georgia also stated she would fileáarticals of impeachment against Biden, on 01/21/21.

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