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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/18/2019, 02:28:26

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Not really. It reminds me of a short story I read in our high school magazine back in the Stone Age. 

It was called "The Gods Who Worship Man" about a self-adoring fool who tried to get people to believe that the gods they'd all been worshiping actually worshiped US!! Not the other way around. He proceeded from one insane, stupid explanation for why, making the gods listening laugh so hard that they eventually dissolved in hysterical mirth and ceased to exist.  

It is the nature of Consciousness to assume that all answers and solutions to problems/challenges comes from what is already known. It is not human nature generally to acknowledge that the Unknown contains the greater part of all valuable knowledge. 

So we believe that God wants or prefers or believes thus and so, all the while we are more like infants than adults when such notions take hold. 

God is The Other - the Friend who is a Stranger. 

It is our nature to be unable to help ourselves very much - only by acceptance of something both outside, separate and greater than ourselves that we achieve enlightenment. 

Yet so many 
Never Say 
So many 
Never See 
And never do
Anything that's really 
Bunker Shave. 

Leftists worship themselves or things/people which remind them of themselves. Like humaniform robots. 

So much of leftism is (forgive me) self stimulation. 

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