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Re: The American people must have information that cuts through the BS, and eschews political ideology. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: TEEBONE ®

08/17/2019, 16:16:02

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Quit using the term "white nationalist." The term they need to use is "white supremacy" for a person who believes that their white color makes them superior over people of color. On the other hand, a nationalist is someone who loves and has pride in their country. Period. It has nothing to do with how they may feel about the different races. It is all about their country and wanting it to be successful. Using the "white nationalist" term makes it sound like all white people, who are also patriots, are racists. This unfairly smears tens of millions of people and it needs to stop, no matter how good the rest of the article is.


I agree completely. I am white, and I am a nationalist, but I am NOT a "white nationalist" in the context created by the MSM and leftist zeitgeist.

My nationalism is colorblind, not gender-specific and not ethnocentric - I don't much care what gender, ethnicity or sexual preference one is, what I care about is if the person loves and appreciates this country, understands its history (viz the difficulties it overcame in its march for individual liberty for all), and whether or not that person will vote for Democrats.

Democrats have not been "taken over" by the progressives, they have merely cunningly hidden their core nature for nearly a century. Witness Woodrow Wilson, the godfather of the American progressive movement, who infamously said that the belief in unalienable rights is nonsense and that to understand the DoI, ignore the preface. You know, the part about "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rghts, that among those are the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"? Wilson, and by definition those who subscribe to progressivism, actually believe that adulteration.

See: "Living Constitution"

And, true to Marxist form, they believe that any lie, maleficent act or conspiracy is justified to advance the destruction of capitalism and individual liberty, whether they admit it or not. Most of 'em won't.

Can you say "Russion collusion"? Proof positive, in documented action.

The useful idiots (most rank-and-file Democrat voters) don't even realize it. But they are being played like violins by virtuosos in the Alinsky string section.

And we'd better grab them by the neck and shake some guddam sense into them before they sell themselves (and us) down the river.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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