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The Founders did not overlook problems with some people
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Posted by: Bartb

08/13/2019, 19:35:28

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As you read the Constitution, it did not come with a dictionary. Some words were so obvious, it did not occur to them that they had to define each and every word, even some words that were not written, but obvious. The letters they shared discussed the meaning of a "militia". Some thought the range of members (adults) was 15 to 45, others said 17 to 45, for example.
They also assumed that everyone would know the obvious, that the militia consisted of "able-bodied" people. They said "men", which included women in most cases, because any intelligent person would know that. They never anticipated Marxists or Progressives as the exist today.
Just to clarify the obvious, "able-bodied" excluded those with mental problems, just as it eliminated those who could not walk.
They also allowed for recovery from those exceptions.
We recognize the practice of redefining words to suit the Red Queen, while they deny doing any such thing.
As Rush said, "Don't give them an inch."

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