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Milla Javovich - I thought she was way too skinny.
Re: And, observing the exquisite contours of her lanky bod after she dives off the ledge, one understands EXACTLY what he means! -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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08/13/2019, 11:04:02

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The director Luc Besson left his current wife ( the woman who portrayed the purple alien singer Diva) during the filming. 

Besson has since been accused in several sexual abuse cases over the years from other actresses. They married  then divorced after two years.  

NOTE: Javovich's character Leeloo's red hair was not their original choice - but the hair/make-up people accidentally ruined Javovich's real hair trying to dye it the exact color Besson wanted. So they had to cut it all off and start over right in the middle of filming and until it grew long enough she had to use a red wig. Eventually they had to color her regrown hair to match the wig. 

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