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I watched the famous Chomsky/Buckley debate on YouTube recently...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/12/2019, 23:36:32

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..following along as best one can with two such well-read debaters. I thought Buckley scored several debate points that left Chomsky scrambling to save face.

It reminded me how utterly and completely self-deluded an "intellectual" can become when their philosophy of life is to never feel the need to test their theories or notions with reality.

Chomsky would offer abstractions and Buckley would counter with concrete cases-in-point. So Chomsky spent most of his time deflecting Buckley's direct points and offering sanctimony guised as "discourse" . Every time Buckley would try to narrow the argument to some tangible conclusion, Chomsky would attempt to enlarge the argument to nullify it.

Once Buckley caught on to the ploy, he started really hitting his targets.

What struck me most of all was the smarmy, smug self-satisfaction Chomsky emanated like a noxious gas. He was singularly unlikable (never smiled except that typical elitist smirk) while Buckley has presence, charm, engagement, candor and jocularity.

Chomsky had the mannerism and tone of a robot IMITATING a real person. he seemed to be speaking from some other universe to the lowly masses while Buckley was chiding and urging him to come down and be with the masses.

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