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Such dilettantes in serious thought are generally wearing diapers in regard to basic philosophy of governance.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/12/2019, 22:56:10

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I used to believe I was "progressive" and that others were "narrow-minded" for believing that an inflexible yea, immutable Constitution was necessary. What such people really are is stalwart. For those in Rio Linda that means "unflinching in the face of violent pressure from opposition zealots, and resolved to remain faithful to reason over expediency or whim.

Few if any self-described anti-conservative fanatics I have ever met or known well, were truly serious minded. I was always far more deeply read, current and comprehending of material in anything they imagined themselves elite.

A self-described Communist / Anarchist who lives in my neighborhood, makes a point of walking by my house reading Das Kapital. He learned to hate me because he spoke with me one day, thinking he was going to humilate me with his superior knowledge. He found to his dismay that I knew far more about his idol Noam Chomsky than he did.

When I patiently listened to him praise Chomsky as some sort of super-genius, then responded that with all due respect (for his scientific work with language in his early career) I thought that Chomsky was an "erudite, exquisitely adroit nihilist" (quoting William F. Buckley) he snorted in disgust and stalked away. Now he won't acknowledge my "good morning" any more. heh

I think I can live with that.

If I were a cruel man, I would point out that it was likely that he was pursuing political discourse with strangers such as myself, because he believed that he could enjoy ego inflation in the fiction that he was vastly intellectually superior to others - a defensive position that was a form of withdrawal to prevent intimacy (to escape panic at feeling the incipient inadequacy his emotionally distant parents vested in him due to their own neurosis).

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