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A good case can be made for declaring leftists horribly, lethally dangerous and then REUAGE!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/12/2019, 20:16:42

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I'm not kidding. Using the left's own criteria for government intervention and legal remedies against clear and present dangers to society, a strong case can be made to declare leftists and other anti-conservatives a public menace  requiring government force to eradicate them.  

I will be exploring this in the near future, in light of the endless dirge of mendacious lunacy being vomited out into the world by SMFs over utterly harmless/vitally-useful things like firearms, carbon dioxide, borders, walls, law enforcement officers, voter I.D. and a long list of other things that the anti-Conservative fanatics want eradicated, exterminated, expunged, massacred and marginalized. 

The danger of leftists and other anti-conservative fanatics has reached a tipping point. They are causing horrible, needless, endless loss, suffering and premature death to millions and millions of innocent people every single day and will continue to do so unless they are stopped. 

If history has taught us anything it is that radical revolutionary socialists, ecoparanoids, Marxists, anarchists, anti-white racists, anti-Christian bigots (Satanists) will NEVER stop themselves. The only way their destruction is ever stopped is when someone else stops them. 


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