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It's sad when someone like Napolitano is too damned lazy to quote the President accurately.
Re: Excellent article by Napolitano, with the glaring exception of his irresponsible parroting of the lie about DJT viz Charlottesville. That was disgusting, and beneath a man of his supposed stature. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Bartb

08/08/2019, 17:59:02

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Is it toooooo much to request that quotes use real words, not the translation of what the originator "meant"?
The President did NOT praise supremacists as being "good people".
I listened to the President. Those were not the words he said.
I do not accept "...Well, that's the same thing".
No, it is not.
I like to think I can actually understand English without translation.

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